Fast, secure, dedicated hosting servers


We use redundant, high-end DELL servers that we have optimized for performance and reliability

The PowerDNN SiteOptimizer performs over 150 in-depth optimizations each night. Our optimizations execute a variety of functions, such as log clearing, which will keep your website lean, clean and fast.

Rapid Application Developer allows you to easily build tables, queries, and forms with quick and efficient navigation.  It can integrate with custom made web services to expand your website's capabilities. 

KeepAlive on Every Site keeps your website in memory and running fast. Other hosting providers put a time limit on how long your website will stay loaded into memory, but we are dedicated to keeping your site running quickly and smoothly all the time.

The DotNetNuke Security Scanner checks our cloud hosting environment for insecure DotNetNuke websites. If there is any issue, we send you an email with our report so you can keep your website up to date and secure.